pheasants & francolins for sale

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pheasants & francolins for sale

Postby cottonwood grove » Fri Oct 05, 2018 11:24 pm

I have the following for sale:
Swinhoe ($45. per bird) (4 hens & 3 males);
blue ear ($75. per bird);
Elliott ($60. per bird);
1 Lady Amherst rooster ($50.) (Landig/Birr stock)
Red Golden ($50. per bird) - a few males, many hens)...(Birr/Landig stock);
Silver ($35. per bird) (Roy Bouck stock - large/beautiful birds);
Cheer ($80. per bird);
Reeves ($40. per bird); (Stanly Lorenz stock)
Grey Peacock Pheasants - ($125. per bird);
Black Francolins ($65. per bird);
Erkel's Francolin ($45. per bird);
East India blue peafowl ($40.00 per bird).

I have two 2017 hatch, full color Red Golden Pheasants (Birr/Landig stock) - ($75. for each full colored bird). These are no relation to the male (sire) of the 2018 hens.

I am looking for one Elliott hen; would like to trade our 2018 hatch hen, for another 2018 hatch Elliott hen
I am also looking for an Impeyan, adult male to go with our 4 year ole hen.

Buyer pays express mail shipping, which will take 2 days anywhere in the United States, and for the shipping box. Our post office requires a complete mailing address to provide the cost of shipping rather than just a zip code. The birds are strong, healthy birds, which have grown up with Purina Game Bird feed --- Layena ; starter; flight conditioner. Our weather is perfect for shipping, at last! 308-390-1736 or 308-893-2707 or
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