Pheasants and geese

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Pheasants and geese

Postby TwinSpruce » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:53 pm

2017 hatch unrelated pairs:
Temmincks, $300/pair
Brown Eared, $225/pair
Scintillating coppers, $175/pair; hens$110 each
2016 proven breeder scintillating coppers, $225/pair
2017 Soemmering coppers, $400/pair
Vulterine guineas, $850/pair
Pure Amherst, 2016 full color males, $60 each; 2017 males $35each
Goldens, from imports, 2016 full color males, $50 each; 2017 males $25 each
2017 Emperor geese, pinioned, $400/pair
2016 Emperor geese males, $250 each
2017 Barnacle geese, pinioned, $200/pair
boxes and shipping are extra.
Ed Benhardt, PO Box 311, Reardan, WA 99029
Text and email preferred.
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