Remaining for Sale

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Remaining for Sale

Postby cottonwood grove » Tue Nov 27, 2018 8:27 am

Cottonwood Grove Aviary
Kearney, Nebraska

I have 3 trio's of 2018 hatch silver pheasants.--$35. per bird.
2 trio's and 2 pair of 2018 Reeves Pheasants. $40. per bird
3 trio's of 2018 hatch red golden pheasants...$50 per bird
1 2016 hatch male grey peacock pheasant-- $150.
1 2014 hatch Satyr tragopan male. $300.
6 2018 hatch Black Francolin Males --$60. each
1 2017 hatch, full color, Red Golden Male -- $75.

Buyer pays for express mail shipping and the required USPS shipping boxes.
Please call 308-390-1736 if interested. or e-mail:
Thank you
cottonwood grove
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