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Benefits of HOAGBA Membership

  • Eight page bi-monthly newsletter featuring articles about various species of waterfowl, game birds, peafowl, cage birds and other birds & animals; helpful hints, "Coming Events" section listing auctions, shows, swaps, conventions, etc. free advertisements (up to 50 words) listing species for sale, trade, or desired; information about pending legislation, permits, and other information of interest to game breeders.
  • Bi-annual membership directory listing all HOAGBA members who wish to be listed along with the species they own.
  • Association with an organization dedicated to promoting the propagation of wild bird and animal species in a captive environment.
  • Association with an organization that has sponsored seminars on raising different species and has made cash donations to various organizations including the APWS Scholarship Fund, the APWS Youth Art and Photo Contest, local 4-H groups and the FFA.
  • Printable Application for Membership

HOAGBA Scholarship Program

Mission: To encourage students entering or already enrolled in college who have experience raising birds or exhibiting poultry projects. The scholarship is intended to aid in purchasing textbooks or tuition expenses and will be awarded through the university or college of the sudent's choice to the student's account.

At each auction donated birds, equipment and other items are auctioned. In 2012, $$1,527.00 was deposited in the HOAGBA Scholarship Fund which is used to support 4-H Fair and Junior Show Awards. In 2012, checks for $125.00 were mailed to each of these groups for youth awards at shows & fairs: Jackson County Rabbit & Poultry Club, Heart of America Bantam Assn. for youth awards at their fall show, the Oklahoma State Poultry Association for the junior show, the United Poultry Fanciersí show at Avoca, IA. the Overbrook Fair Association, Wyandotte County 4-H Project, Leavenworth County 4-H Fair, Miami County 4-H Fair, Johnson County 4-H Fair, and Douglas County 4-H Fair. A special thank-you goes to all the people who bought or donated to the HOAGBA Scholarship Fund Auction. Without your participation, young people who are interested in poultry and rabbits would not receive recognition for their work. Young people are the future of our hobby and they should be encouraged.

In 2005 $500.00 scholarships were awarded to Jason Kramer, Parsons, Kansas and Casandra Woosley, Lawrence, Kansas.

In the fall of 2007, a $500.00 scholarship was awarded to Brett Kreifels, a junior Poultry Science Major at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.


  • The Scholarship program is available to any person who has been a member of HOAGBA for at least one year and his/her immediate family (spouse/children).
  • Each application must be accompanied by a supporting letter from the student's major professor, department head or high school guidance counsler or teacher in the event the student has yet to enter college.
  • All individuals will be judge solely on the basis of their qualifications and their application materials. There shall be no preference with regards to sex, religion, race, national origin, marital status, age or political afflication.
  • The institution receiving the award assumes the responsibility for compliance by the recipient with the requirements of the scholarship (IRS 990PF).
  • The scholarship grant will be forwarded to the scholarship supervising authority of the institution for presentation to the student for students at an appropriate time and place. HOAGBA will not grant monies directly to students.
  • HOAGBA reserves the right not to award a scholarship in case there are no qualified entries.

The HOAGBA Youth Program is designed to encourage young people under 18 years of age to get started raising birds or animals. A monetary grant will be given to approved applicants to help them acquire birds, animals, or supplies. The program will be open to any HOAGBA member or the son or daughter of a member.

Caleb Kennedy, who lives in Hoyt, Kansas and Olivea Moore, who lives in Kansas City, Kansas, were awarded Youth Program grants in 2006. Holly Lentz, who lives in Edwardsville, Kansas, was awarded a grant in 2007.

In addition to these two programs, HOAGBA has sponsored cash awards and trophies for over 5 years at these county fairs and poultry shows: Jackson County Rabbit & Poultry Club, the Overbrook Fair Association, Wyandotte County 4-H Project, the Leavenworth County 4-H Fair, the Miami County 4-H Fair, Johnson County 4-H Fair, and Douglas County 4-H Fair, & youth awards at the Heart of America Bantam Assn. poultry show, the Oklahoma State Poultry Association show and for the United Poultry Fanciersí show at Avoca, IA.

Part of the profits from each of the HOAGBA auctions provides funding of these youth activities. Encouraging young people to raise birds and animals is important for they are the future bird and animal raisers of America.




    The Purposes of HOAGBA are to:

      1. To promote the preservation & propagation of all varieties of game, ornamental, and caged birds and exotic or game animals.

      2. To assist breeders in securing species for breeding purposes.

      3.To assist breeders in finding markets for selling surplus species.

      4. To dispense information of general interest to breeders through a club newsletter and programs.




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