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2007 HOAGBA Youth Program Grant Recipient

Holly Lentz
Edwardsville, Kansas

I am 8 years old and am in Wyandotte County 4-H. I have shown chickens, ducks, and guineas in the last 3 fairs. I have also gone to some poultry shows in Paola and Emporia. We do all the contests that Kansas State University has. I am the granddaughter of Roni Hinds. I have been coming to the HOAGBA meetings and the auctions for the last three years. We bought a lot of chickens, ducks, and guineas, and even a pot belly pig. I have a lot of fun there. We bought an egg candler and an incubator there too. All of us in our club are learning a lot about hatching and taking care of poultry.

This winter has been very bad for my birds. We have a raccoon that was killing and eating poultry every night. My grandma saw it. We tried a live trap but the raccoon was too big because it got out. We now have a gun ready for my dad and grandma to shoot it. We are down to two standard Cochin hens. We have kept them in a dog run and so far they have been safe.

If I get a Youth Award Grant, I will use it to put a top on my pen and fix the pen so the raccoon cannot get in. I might even have enough to get a few chickens to raise for next year’s fair.

Thank you for all the things you do for us kids and 4-H. We can sure use all of the help. We can learn a lot from the newsletter, but I would like to see some information on chickens.”




Holly Lentz




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