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2017 Swap Dates

In mid-June, the Kansas Department of Agriculture Division of Animal Health prohibited all comingling of birds in the state of Kansas. Thus, all swaps, shows, and auctions scheduled for 2015 were prohibited. This ban will continue until the Kansas Department of Agriculture Division of Animal Health makes a decision regarding these events at the end of the year. To read more about the restriction of events go to this link.

Go to Avicultural Forums and look in the Events section. All information about the auction will be posted there.

For info., call Terry Smith @ 913-879-2587 or LaDonna Lickteig @ 785-542-2279. According to Kansas Statutes 2-902 through 2-916 effective July 1, 2005, all chickens, guineas, peafowl, turkeys, and game birds such as pheasants, quail, & chukars, regardless of their state of origin, must be PT tested before being offered for sale at any sale or public exhibition. For info., call Chastity Flowers at the KS Animal Health Dept at 785-296-2326. Bring your USDA/USDA, state game breeder’s permit, and/or waterfowl permit with you. A USDA license is required for anyone selling exotic wildlife including hedgehogs, short-tail possums, and sugar gliders.

Swaps held regardless of the weather. The covered area is reserved for sellers who paid for advertising on the swap flyer.

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