Bar-tailed Pheasant

(Syrmaticus humiae)

Other Names: Hume's Pheasant, Black-necked Bar-tailed Pheasant

Range: Northeastern India, northern Burma (Myanmar) and Thailand, southwestern China.

Subspecies: Hume's (S. h. humiae) and Burmese (S. h. burmanicus).

Habitat: Open forests.

Description: humiae Crown and nape olive brown; throat, neck, upper breast and mantle steel blue; other body regions metallic rich chestnut with purplish tinge, three white bars seen when wing closed. The lower back and rump barred dark blue and white; tail gray with black and chestnut bars. burmanicus similar, having a more purplish tint and darker neck; the barring of the lower back darker with broader white barring.

Description, female: Subspecies very similar; much like the Elliot's female, lacking black throat and having a barred abdomen. Overall grayish buff, mantle barred black with each feather having a white arrow-shaped marking.

Status in Wild: Listed as endangered, actual population and status uncertain.

Avicultural Data

Status in Aviculture: Only humiae can be found in American aviculture; I'm not sure of the status of burmanicus, but there maybe some held overseas. They are not common and new bloodlines are needed. There are major concerns with confusing this species and the related Elliot's. Education is very important and before anyone decides to work with either species, PLEASE study as much material as possible.

Breeding Season: April-May.

Breeding Age: First year.

Clutch Size: 6-11 eggs.

Incubation Period: 27-28 days.

Misc. Aviculture Notes: As typical with most Syrmaticus, can be nervous and flighty in the aviary. Provide plenty of cover for the female for nesting and escape routes from males.


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Photo Credits
(l to r): 1, Lorenz Krassnitzer; 2-4, Roman Kmicikewycz.

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