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The GBWF pages/GBWF.org were originally created on May 26, 1997 and maintained for many years by Dan Cowell. In 2016 GBWF.org, in keeping with the continuance of the purpose of this site, has transferred to a new owner. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments related to the website or to our purpose, drop us a line here. Please note, this site is not a catalog or price list, you will not recieve an answer to any e-mails requesting prices of birds that are found within this site.

Aviculture is the practice of keeping birds (class Aves) in captivity using controlled conditions, normally within the confines of an aviary, for hobby, business, research and conservation purposes. Some reasons for aviculture are: breeding birds to preserve the species because many avian species are at risk due to habitat destruction and natural disaster. Aviculture encourages conservation, provides education about avian species, provides companion birds for the public, and includes research on avian behavior.

The avicultural data within the species accounts are an introduction to galliforme aviculture. It is highly recommended and encouraged to increase your knowledge about the birds listed here by following up on the recommended reading sections on each page.

All the aid with photographs and information over the years is greatly appreciated. Full acknowledgement is noted where work is used. The GBWF Gallery can be found here.

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Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT A CATALOG OR PRICE LIST. Any requests for pheasants for sale will go unanswered, check out the GBWF Classifieds for possible surplus. Again, this site is not a catalog or price list!!!!

Information found on the species accounts/fact sheets have come from personal experience, personal communications, publications and books. The information found within is designed as an introduction to game bird aviculture. I cannot guarantee what has worked for one will work for another. These birds can be unpredictable, and we learn something new from them every day. Those interested in this hobby for the first time should check with their local conservation departments for permit information before purchasing birds. Remember, game birds are living creatures, not show pieces or ornaments. We encourage all interested in this hobby to provide optimal care for their birds. Beginners to this hobby should learn as much as they can from other keepers, books and publications before purchasing birds. Many forums are available through the internet, and many keepers will be happy to share their personal experiences about a particular species. If you cannot properly house or care for these birds, DO NOT buy any. We do not encourage hybridization of any pure species or subspecies of wildlife. Responsible animal ownership is the goal and education is the key. The webmaster of this site does not offer any birds for sale. gbwf.org will always be a work in progress, with new information added often. Advertisement opportunities are available, please e-mail for more information.

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